SG CONSULTING Privatpraxis Integrated Pharmacovigilance & Research Laboratory
SG CONSULTINGPrivatpraxis    Integrated Pharmacovigilance & Research Laboratory 

ISO 9001:2015 Reg. Nr. 731005745

Mitglied der PBV 

Privatärztlicher Bundesverband e.V.

„Hope, vision, and well-being for each patient through integrated clinical practice, education, and research“


(Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland)


SG Consulting conducts weekly, monthly, and quarterly medical and scientific review of national safety portals in various European countries, and of published literature from multiple local databases to ensure that the clients have complete and diligent product risk/benefit management and reporting. Periodic searches are conducted and optimized to review original articles, manuscripts, abstracts, excerpts, conference proceedings and communications by national scientific societies and state medical councils, as well as multimedia patient education resources for Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR), PSURs, annual reports, risk management and benefit analysis, and other safety governance reports.

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